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With many years of accumulated experience specializing in forensics and in law enforcement, Forensic Pieces continues to lend expertise to case review and independent case work for attorneys and agencies.  If you would like an expert analysis regarding your case, please contact the office of Forensic Pieces for more details and fee schedule.

Forensic Pieces is now offering drone services of FAA part 107 licensed pilot, Brad Merrell!  With ever-increasing use of drone technology in everyday life, specifically the further use of these Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), in our exciting field of forensics, drones are swiftly becoming an invaluable tool in crime scene investigations, insurance claim inspections, as well as traffic accidents.  Drone pilots can assist in safely and effectively giving the investigator the ability to provide a birds’ eye view for further insight to an overall scene, while adding depth and perspective to assist in finding the forensic answers they seek.  The following applications of these services can be provided in order to enhance your investigation today:

  •     Crime Scene Documentation – Provides a complete visual of a crime scene.  This type of documentation can be useful in automobile accidents as well as many other crimes
  •     Environmental Crime Photography – Drone photography and videography can assist in vandalism, arson or other types of environmental criminal activity
  •     Fire Scene investigations – Can provide photography as overall views in unsafe conditions
  •      Evidence Preservation – Instead of damaging valuable evidence, in many instances, drones can be sent in with minimal contact to help keep a scene pristine for smaller items of evidence
  •     Aerial Views – Scene directionality that offers multiple perspective of commercial, industrial and residential locations
  •       Cost-Efficient Surveillance Techniques – Eliminates the need for helicopters to provide an aerial view of a location
  •                 Rapid Response – Drones can cover inaccessible areas to help search for individuals in or around difficult regions, cutting down on search time while assisting in search and rescue operations
  •    Structural damages – Helpful in overall viewing of properties going through insurance claims due to structural issues
  •   Tropical storm or hurricane damage to properties – Can be used to document damage caused by storms for insurance claims
  •                Landslide or mudslide documentation – Useful for unsafe areas in the environment and provides an aerial view of any damage

Please call our office at (850) 332-0141 today for a consultation, options for services and pricing as it may vary per the needs of each project.  We look forward to hearing from you today!

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