Forensic Laboratory Analysis

Forensic Pieces provides the forensic evaluation of evidence from criminal cases. We can offer a review of investigative procedures as well as an expert analysis of specific physical evidence. From latent print processing to DNA analysis, the expertise of the professional services are offered as needed. To better assist our clients, our on-site facilities include a private DNA screening lab and Fingerprint lab.


Forensic Pieces announces a new service now available to Forensic Investigations!!

Do you have a case where the suspect or victim was wearing dark colors and you want to see the hidden evidence and can’t?  We use the newest technology available using (IR-UV) Infrared Red and Ultra Violet photography with specialty filters to visualize the evidence thus revealing patterns, which may include gunshot residue, blood stain pattern or other evidence.  Any of these types of evidence will be noted and marked in photographs revealing areas of concern.

Forensic Pieces will arrange to come to your agency or you may submit evidence to our new laboratory.  A report will be generated as well as photographs to document any visualized evidence. All items of evidence will be maintained with the proper chain of custody.

If you would like more information about laboratory analysis of evidence for criminal cases. Please contact the office of Forensic Pieces for more details and fee schedule.

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