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Hosting a course is a really great opportunity for any department or agency. There is no cost for hosting. For every 12 students that sign up for the course, your agency will receive a free slot. The only responsibilities of the hosting agency is to provide a location for the course that has access to audio and visual equipment, recommend some lodging for students, and assist in recruiting students by sending out brochures created by us at Forensic Pieces.

Courses range from 40 hours (5 days), 24 (3 days), and 8 hours (1 day workshop). These hours can be applied to the IAI’s required training hours. Typically, IAI Crime Scene Certification Prep courses are 32 hours (testing on day 5) while the rest of the courses offered are 40 hours. However, the length of a course and its subject matter can be customized to meet the needs of your agency.

Courses may also be purchased for a flat fee.  For pricing information, to schedule a course, or submit an inquiry about hosting, please contact us


Availability is on a first come, first serve basis.  Book now!

Please see our FAQ page on Hosting and Attending Courses for further information.

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