Courtroom Testimony: A Practical Approach

This three-day course is designed for crime scene investigators, detectives, crime laboratory analysts and others in the field of forensic science that routinely get called to testify in court. The class will be interactive and challenge students to think of scenarios. Methods of how to make a good first impression will be presented along with how to overcome anxiety for students who may experience that. Preliminary information such as a proper pretrial checklist will be presented. A discussion of how to handle adversity from attorneys both during direct and cross examination will help prepare students on how to handle these situations. Both verbal and non-verbal communication techniques will be discussed. Depending on the audience, a discussion of how to present technical information to a lay audience will be discussed along with the Frye and Daubert standards for expert testimony. A list of difficult questions encountered in court along with possible answers will be discussed among the class. The second day will be very interactive, and the students will be placed in groups and asked to testify in a moot court scenario.

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