Advanced Shooting Reconstruction

This advanced five day course is designed for crime scene investigators, detectives, crime laboratory analysts and others in the field of forensic science that have the basic training and skills for shooting crime scene examinations. This course will assist law enforcement officers in connecting all of the forensic pieces for the purpose of shooting crime scene reconstruction. A crime scene is a huge puzzle, and piece by piece we compile the physical evidence in each case; the more difficult job is trying to connect those pieces to obtain the big picture, the shooting crime scene reconstruction. This course will also assist in the documentation of physical evidence at the scene which previously might not have been recorded. The attendees will have a brief review of basic techniques and skills that may have been acquired in other courses but will quickly expand their knowledge base and skillset with advanced techniques acquired through lecture and hands-on performance of exercises designed to test the attendees ability to put all the pieces together. At the conclusion of the course the attendees will have acquired the ability to be able to generate a shooting reconstruction report for the purposes of ultimately providing expert testimony. The Mock scenes for this course were specifically designed to assist the attendee in the importance of scene documentation, and to obtain the maximum, accurate information for ultimate shooting crime scene reconstruction. The course will be challenging but will yield the attendee great rewards in advancing their abilities in shooting reconstruction scenes.

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