Forensic Impressions Documentation & Recovery

This interactive and comprehensive 24-hour workshop will provide participants critical training in the proper recognition, documentation and recovery of invaluable forensic impression evidence that may be left at a crime scene. This course will include hands-on practical exercises on the proper techniques of collection and documentation of impression evidence with the purpose of enhancing the investigators skills to properly complete during their crime scene analysis. These hands-on exercises will be augmented with actual case and lecture material as well as a court-presentations for the ultimate purpose of completing the forensic puzzle. On the chance that this evidence is available at the scene, when it is collected, documented and stored properly could be the pieces needed to solve the case. This hands-on workshop will allow the participants to work individually and in small groups as they acquire the necessary knowledge and skills required of a crime scene technician to properly collect and document impression evidence. The impression evidence that will be analyzed will include many types of scenarios and surfaces that it can be collected from. This course satisfies the International Association for Identification’s for 24-hours of Basic Crime Scene Analysis course for the purpose of the requirements for acquiring Crime Scene Analysis Certification by the IAI, and for certification hour.

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