Shooting Reconstruction

This comprehensive five day course is designed for crime scene investigators, detectives, crime laboratory analysts, and others in the field of forensic science that have the basic training and skills for crime scene examinations. This course will assist law enforcement officers in connecting all of the forensic pieces for the purpose of crime scene reconstruction involving shooting incidents. It will also elaborate on the thorough and accurate documentation of physical evidence at the scene. The attendees will learn protocol and methods by using string, dowel rods, scientific calculators, and/or lasers to determine the flight path of the projectile from the moment it leaves a firearm muzzle to the moment it strikes the final target and is recovered. Also, students will examine the firearm residue for estimated distance determination from the position of the shooter to the victim and/or final target. Mock scenes are designed for the course to assist the student by providing hands-on experience with the concepts learned throughout the lectures and discussions.

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