Basic Documentation, Photography, and Collection of Footwear and Tire Tread Impressions

As investigators, we are taught how to document and collect footwear and tire tread impressions at crime scenes but we are not taught how those techniques affect the comparison results. That is where this class is different than your typical basic footwear and tire tread documentation and collection class. This class will teach the proper skills needed and explain how improper techniques will hinder the comparison results.
This comprehensive 2-day course is designed to give investigators the knowledge and skills needed to properly document, collect and preserve 3D and 2D footwear and tire tread impressions to ensure the best results from the comparison examination. It is intended for new and experienced crime scene investigators and law enforcement officers. This course is a combination of lectures and hands on activities that will cover basic detection, collection and preservation techniques along with tips and tricks for difficult latent impressions that are often found on crime scenes. The hands-on activities will cover a variety of scene scenarios and enhancement processes that can be used on scenes and in the lab. This course will also discuss the importance of proper detection, collection and preservation techniques and how each will affect the comparison examination if not done correctly.


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